Is it only Tuesday?

toilet paper

Do you ever have a moment that just keeps reoccurring or happens on multiple occasions? And you think to yourself, is this some type of metaphor or sign?

For example: Today, I was walking back from a meeting and a co-worker says to me, “Bree, there’s something caught in your sweater?”… It was toilet paper. Sadly, this is not my first offense of this happening at work. What I want to know is how long I’ve been walking around with toilet paper hanging out of my ass? On a previous bathroom break incident a few months ago, the toilet paper got stuck in my vest and rolled all the way out from the stall, while I was washing my hands. But I would have never noticed if someone didn’t walk in. It probably would have rolled all the way back to my desk with me leaving a trail. If this is any indication of how the week is going, let me just add that so far this week I’ve sharted and had toilet paper stuck to my pants, and it’s only Tuesday. And I just did an eye roll for all the people who are probably grossed out by that, because naturally I am human first. Let me guess you’ve never farted at all during your adult life. Me either. Just kidding, it wakes me up like a built in alarm clock system.

Life is weird.

Which leads me to my thought of the day or word of the day “utilitarianism.” It basically means the greatest good for the greater number of people or the greatest happiness for the greatest number. I learned this term from a very wise professor at Butler University, who has now passed. But this was one term from his class that has stuck with me through out my adult life. We make mistakes, we make choices, but let your actions define you as a person. Even as a little girl I can remember my mom telling me, “treat people how you want to be treated, you never know what someone else is dealing with or struggling with.” In a world that has become so cruel, be kind. We all go through shit…we all have troubles… it’s called life. So, even if you shit your pants or spill pasta sauce all over your sweater, it’s not the end, but a great story. Everyone has a battle, but not everyone has a great friend.

Toy Story

“You’ve got a friend in Bree”