H2O, it’s important



I imagine that if I had a body guard he would look like John Cena and his name would be Frank.


And the following would be a daily conversation:

Picture it: Me having to use the bathroom.

Me: “Frank, you’re probably going to have to stand there for a while.”

Frank: “___” (silence)

And below is  the face he would be making: (Meanwhile, he’s thinking, “Damn girl, again!”)


This morning as I was lip syncing Earth, Wind and Fire. In the elevator, I realized that my doorman probably has a camera in here and can see my every move, because I was also dancing.

Speaking of dancing, I still have not went out for a “thirsty Thursday”, since moving to Chicago. Wow, am I that pathetic? Or am I getting old?

Because I know that around 4:45 pm each day, I start getting tunnel vision to my bed.

Think about this:

One in ten people do not have safe water to drink. That’s about 660 million people, according to the World Health Organization. One in three people do not have access to a toilet, that’s about 2 billion people.

Do not take for granted, water or  a “pot to piss in.” Speaking of that, I’m pretty sure I sat in urine on the El (Public transit in Chicago.) The urine was most likely left by a homeless person, I try not to think about it.


Think about water and food, which are probably two things we all take for granted. We are all guilty of wasting food or throwing it a way. When so many kids are going hungry, going to bed every night without something to eat. Some of these kids, the only time they get to eat is at school during lunch.

When I was in college, (Wow, that makes me sound old), my roommate, was student teaching in a low poverty area. There were times she would come home so frustrated because some of her students were literally starving. She started bringing snacks to give to her students. These snacks she bought with her own money while she was a poor college student. She is changing the future. She is the type of person we all need teaching kids. We have poverty and starvation in our own country that needs to be fixed. It’s everywhere.

In my opinion, encouraging a child’s imagination is one of the best things we can do as adults. It allows them to create their own world and fantasy, because when you’re a kid you believe everything. It allows them to be creative.

I can remember as a child I had a Barbie jeep. It was pink. I would drive up to the window of our house to pretend like I was ordering food at a fast food restaurant. I probably ordered a bologna sandwich with a squeeze it. But it was teaching me life lessons for the future. I can remember saying, “Thank you, Ma’am,” as if my mom was the cashier at McDonald’s. The point: Be polite, to whomever encounters you. You could be the one kind face they see that day.

Children mock, what their  idols do. For example: When my little sister was two, she tried ordering a senior diet, because that’s what our grandma always ordered. Could you imagine being that cashier?

Moral of the story: Be polite. Set a positive example. Don’t take daily luxurious for granted. Kindness matters.

I will leave you with this:

When I was younger I tried to start a band with my best friend, we called it the “Beach Girls.” Our first hit was going to be “Sitting on a rock,” (WTF, who were we), then I recently found a piece of paper where we had tried to write a rap song.

This was my line, “My name’s Bree Stitt, cuz I’m the shit. I put DE-O-DERRRENT on my armpits, ugh. What, what!”

Who am I? That’s just quite frankly, embarrassing.

This rapper is peacing  out and preparing for my long journey on the Megabus!

Have a good day, my friends.

Let your imaginations explore.





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