But first…Where is the love?


But first let me take a selfie…


I woke up this morning casually late, on accident because I hit snooze three times. And when I get to work I walk past a mirror and my first thought: “Holy shit is that what I really look like?”

And then my brain started singing: “Girl you don’t need make up, you’re perfect when you wake up.” (Credits: Inside Amy Schumer) You should YouTube the video, it’s hilarious. And I love everything Amy Schumer stands for, she’s killing it.

And then I thought if I actually worked out as much as I thought about it, I would have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition by now. But let’s face it, I do not have Carrie Underwood’s legs.


So take a minute today and listen to this song:

In my best Black Eye Peas and J.T voice:

“Father, Father, Father help us, Send some guidance from above,’Cause people got me, got me questionin’, Where is the love?”


It’s just like it says in the song, we only have one world, and we also only have one life. It’s up to us how we want to spend that life and how we want to impact the world. How do we want to change it?

As I ponder on my own life decisions, yes I have regrets, but who doesn’t? I mean really who hasn’t “accidentally” drank a whole bottle of red wine. I hear it’s good for the heart. OK, maybe that’s just one glass.

But still, don’t act like a bottle of Cabernet has never whispered sensual things in your ear. Because I know when it starts whispering in my ear, it leads me straight to the bedroom with William, as in Willy, my pillow pet. And then I pass out.

So here is my thought today, abuse is real. IT’S REAL. Whether it’s physical, verbal, whatever, you name it. And most people are afraid to talk about it.

When I was 20, I worked the night shift at Lowe’s in Indianapolis. My shift was crossed over with an elderly woman, who just answered the phones at customer service. And she had so many life stories, man you could be there for hours.

But one day, she opened up to me about how abusive her ex-husband could be. About how bad it got one night she ended up in the hospital. She could barely walk and the abuse impaired her vision for the rest of her life. It broke my heart just hearing what she went through. I was so mad. What is wrong with people? But I totally get it. I understand that people are afraid to reach out for help or that they are too embarrassed. But this is an intelligent and smart woman, who was held back by a man because he thinks he empowers her. But she overcame him and the abuse and I felt she trusted me enough that maybe sharing a little bit of her story, would help someone get out of a situation.

It’s people like her that have given me the motivation to get through my own life experiences.

It brings me back to how I was feeling when I was substitute teaching, because I hated it.

I definitely know I don’t want to be a teacher. Sorry, kids. So, I kept telling myself this isn’t forever, this is just the now. I would think of what so many other people were going through, and remind myself that I have a great life. But the only person who can fix it, is me.

I will leave you with this because some funny shit did happen:

I was substituting for a kindergarten class during Halloween and we were running out of things to do, because you can only entertain kids at that age for so long. So, I said, “Listen up, everybody get in your seats. We are all going to tell the class what we are going to be for Halloween and what we love about it.” Then I see this tiny little boy, so cute, raise his hand, he says,” Miss Bree, I don’t think I have anything to say because my family isn’t celebrating Halloween this year. My little brother has to get the skin cut off his wiener.” I lost it. I died. I could not contain my laughter. I would imagine that my substitute teaching was equivalent to Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher.

Props to the teachers, who have to put up with this on a regular basis.

I also meant to mention this yesterday, but if teen mom was a show in the 90s, my mom would have rocked that shit.

Thank you to everyone who is reading my blog and sharing it!

And remember…never trust a fart.










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